About Q-Summit

What is the Q-Summit? Why Have It?

Q-Summit is meant to be a conference for queer identifying students across Southern California for a day of movement-building, skill-sharing, and best-practices development, with emphasis on building a stronger connection with local Gay Straight Alliances and youth groups in the Inland Empire. We recognize that various LGBTQA students are doing meaningful work across our region to build strong, resilient communities but little attention has been given to this work in the Inland Empire area. Because there are limited resources for LGBTQA youth and students who attend CSU, San Bernardino, The LGBTQA Faculty, Staff and Student association is convening this space for queer activists to gather in a central location and strategize around the future of their movement(s). The hope is that by providing this event with the help of local community partners, CSU San Bernardino can host its first Q-Summit to help LGBTQA students and youth find a place where they can not only be themselves, but also make sense of the multiple identities that many carry.

Who Can Participate?

The Q-Summit is open to those who are engaged in LGBTQA work or are interested in connecting to ongoing efforts in their area. While any and everyone are welcome to attend, we're especially interested in centering the voices of LGBTQA students who are in their senior year of high school or undergraduate. We are also especially interested in amplifying the experiences of LGBTQA people of color and Trans* voices, hence we highly encourage people of color or those who identify as Trans* to register and submit proposals.